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BabyHawk & Receiver Setup

The Emax BabyHawk is manufactured and sold without a receiver. This gives you the freedom to attach any receiver you prefer. In the photographs below, as an example, you'll see how easily you can attach the FrSky XM+ receiver, which is a perfect match.

The first photograph shows where the three pin connector can be found, for connecting to the receiver, which is directly under the FPV camera lens.

The second photograph shows the same alignment, but without the camera housing and top plate. Please note, it is not necessary to remove either of these, to connect the XM+ receiver. What you'll see is the XM+ receiver comfortably aligned with the three pin connector. The pin on the left hand side of the connector aligns with the SBUS hole on the XM+ receiver. With the receiver aligned with the pins, a small touch of solder, on top of each pin, will ensure the receiver connection is made and secured.

Please note, the antennas should not be left to dangle. They should be secured to the BabyHawk frame or even within it. This is to avoid them becoming entangled with the propellers.

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