Introducing the latest addition to the Armattan Oomph line of motors. Titans!


Much like its smaller brother, the Oomph Velvet, this 2306 version is also designed for smoothness, but with a fair bit more torque.


While Armattan continue to use their unique prop mounting system, they allowed themselves to be inspired by a lightweight, 3 prong motor top design that was first introduced by RotorRiot Hypetrain Motors.


Armattan use the same prong as they do on all their Oomph motors, except they reduced it to only 3 of them and they also also shaved off the motor base to save even more weight.


Efficiency, lightweight and low amp draw and low cost without compromises is what Armattan wanted in this motor. While Armattan think it is better suited for freestyle, many racers will appreciate the low end torque of this new Oomph motor.


You are buying one (x1) Armattan Oomph Titan motor. You can choose whether it is CW or CCW.

Armattan Oomph Titan Edition 2306/2450 KV Motor

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  • Specification

    • Stator Diameter: 23mm         
    • Stator Height: 6mm
    • KV (rpm/Volt): 2450
    • Weight: Around 30.5 grams with trimmed wires  
    • Wire Length: 19cm (untrimmed)
    • Recommended Props: 5 or 6 inch
    • LiPo Compatibility: 3-6S
    • Prop Mount Height: 5mm
    • Prop Mount Diameter:  5mm
    • Interior Threading: CW or CCW
    • Magnets: N54H magnets
    • Stator Laminations: Laminated for smoothness
    • Winding: Single Wire
    • Bearing: 684 NSK 4x9x4


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Motor with cables
    • 4 x Motor mount screws
    • 1 x Silver prop header
    • 1 x Black prop header
    • 2 x Prop screws
    • 1 x Hex key


    All of the components listed above come well protected and packaged within an Armattan resealable container.


    Please note: The manufacture of this item involves an element of manual soldering, which means some deviations in solder application and patterns will occur, when comparisons are made between one item and another; this is completely normal and to be expected, and should not be a cause for concern.