These camera brackets are lightweight and can be used with a number of micro size cameras; for example, Eachine SpeedyBee, and the RunCam Micro Swift, Micro Swift 2, and Micro Sparrow.


With a quick adjustment, you're able to loosen and tighten the screws to set the camera angle to suit whichever flying style you prefer. For example, 15-30˚ for beginners and 40˚ for the more experienced pilots amongst us.


Please note, the measurement caliper, the SpeedyBee camera, and the screwdrivers are only used to illustrate the use of the brackets. These items are not included with the brackets being sold.

Camera Bracket Fixed Mount Holder

SKU: cambrkt
  • Specification: 
    Brand : RunCam

    Bracket outer width: ~22mm

    Bracket inner width: 20mm

    Weight :  <= 1g

    Compatibility: Eachine SpeedyBee, RunCam Micro Swift, Micro Swift 2, and Micro Sparrow

    Package Included: 
    2 X Brackets

    1 X Set of 4 screws

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