CL Racing F4sFC v1.4

The F4S is the upgraded version of the original F4 from CL Racing and designed by Cheng Lin. Armattan have worked closely with Cheng on the development of this board and trust it explicity to deliver the best performance with their drones.


It is designed to be simpler to use with many features integrated into the board. This is an all-in-one flight controller for quadcopters with integrated PDB, OSD, buzzer and SD card slot for logging your flights. The layout of this AIO allows for lovely clean builds with ESC solder pads on the top and XT60 pads on the bottom. VTX and cam pads are also on top.

    CL Racing F4sFC v1.4

    SKU: CLF4vFC14
    • Technical specifications:

      • LiPo Input: 2-6S (5V-30V)
      • Power rail: 3.3v,5v,9v,vbat
      • 132A ( MAX display ) Current sensor with 160A PDB build in
      • 6 layer 2oz Copper PCB
      • Size: 36x36mm
      • Mount Holes: 30.5 x 30.5 mm
      • CPU - STM32F405RGT6 (F4 chip)
      • MPU-6000
      • Full SD Card socket
      • Build in 5V BEC 2A
      • Build-in User selectable 9v or 5v 2A Filtered BEC For camera and VTX
      • Dedicated Camera setting control pads along with camera power signal pads
      • Dedicated VTX connection with along with TX4 for easy connect and control VTX
      • Build in Betaflight OSD
      • 4 UARTS + USB (UART1 , UART3 ,UART4, UART6 ) (Pinout TX1, TX4,RX4, TX6,RX6 )
      • 5V LED strip output
      • 4 motors on each corner for a better layout.
      • Support RX : Dedicated Sbus hardware inverted ,Satellite RX, Ibus,TBS Crossfire
      • Dedicated hardware inverted connect to UART3 for smartport telemetry
      • 4 in 1 esc socket with external current sensor input
      • Support TP and Smartaudio VTX
      • Buzzer pads for external buzzer


      What's included:

      1 x CL Racing F4sFC v1.4


      SD Card (not included) Requirements:

      Please click here for the requirements

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