The VTX03S offers great price to performance value. It's small size and weight, along with its ease-of-use and onboard LED digital display, make this VTx a huge winner with exceptional versatility. In terms of power, you can choose from pit mode in increments up to 200mW, but keep in mind that 25mW is the highest legal power option. There are 72 channels to choose from, within 9 bands, including Raceband.

The IPEX mounted antenna is not going to weigh your quad down, and comes with a proven track record in terms of performance.

Weighing only 2.97, it is extremely light and ideally suited for mini and micro quads, cars, boats and planes.


Eachine VTX03S 0/25/50/100/200mw 40CH 5.8G FPV video transmitter with PIT mode Smartaudio function

Eachine VTX03S Super Mini 5.8Ghz 72CH 0-200mW FPV Transmitter-Pitmode Smartaudio

  • Specification:
    Brand name: Eachine
    Item name: VTX03S FPV Transmitter
    Output power: 0/25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW switchable
    Input voltage: 3.3-5.5V
    5V camera supply, 530mA(MAX)---200mW@4.3V
    5V camera supply, 450mA(MAX)---100mW@4.3V
    5V camera supply, 360mA(MAX)---50mW@4.3V
    5V camera supply, 280mA(MAX)---25mW@4.3V
    Video system: NTSC/PAL
    Antenna dimensions: 55mm X 5mm diameter
    Antenna: IPEX
    Size: 21.43*15.20mm(L*W)
    Weight: 2.97g
    Smartaudio Function
    PITmode, no signal interference
    Support 0.01mW Parameter-adjusting Mode
    25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW power switchable
    One button frequency and power setup
    OSD configuration using FC Uart(F3/F4/F7 with OSD)
    5V to camera@under 300mA
    Adopt button instead of toggle, convenient operation
    1S lipo power supply
    Power Off Memory

    Channel select
    Short-Press the button to change channel(CH), digital display will change synchronously .Digital display changes cyclically from 1 to 8

    Band Select
    Press button for 2S, Blue LED display will flicker, then short presses to select 5 band A/B/E/F/r sequentially.

    Power select
    Press button for 4S.Blue LED display “0” will flicker,then short presses to select  power 25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW sequentially.
    Notice:(Number “1” stand for 25mw;Number “2” stand for 50mw,Number “3” stand for 100mw,Number “4” stand for 200mw)
    Parameter-adjusting Mode(0.01mW)

    While in P Mode you can change channels and set power levels, using the button, but none of these changes will take effect until you quit P Mode. By default, P Mode will send a very weak signal.

    Exit Parameter-adjusting Mode
    Two ways to exit P Mode:

    • Press button for 12 seconds to exit P Mode
    • Turn “Race” to “Free” blew the “ OP Model” sub-category on OSD display and power to reboot

    Notice: The VTX has memory for settings. To change the settings, please repeat steps as above.
    Cable Connections:
    Yellow(Video In)
    Package Includes:
    1 x Eachine VTX03S Transmitter


    NB This item is shipped, flat-packed, within a large padded envelope.

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