T-Motor are recognised as a world leading motor company, highly regarded and well respected. That is evident in their new F30A-32bit electronic speed controllers (ESCs).


Tuned to perform, they don't disappoint.


Born for racing, these ESCs are definetly no slouch, and will keep your motors turning.


  • Fast Response
  • High Efficiency
  • Less Heat


This ESC was specially designed for FPV Racing and supports DSHOT1200/600/300. The chips used offer formidable operational capability alongside materials carefully selected to help improve performance and accurate motor control. Used alongside the F-series motors, these BLHeli_32 ESCs offer an awesome combination.


MP1907 high frequency 100V half bridge driver, imported industrial MOS and high quality ceramic capacitors all contribute to achieving low internal resistance for low energy consumption, low heat, high switching frequency of MOS and stable circuit which helps react to the impact of motor speed at ease. Compared with a traditional MCU of 8 bit, this 32BIT stm32f051 main control chip enjoys the advantage of faster computing speed.


Superb throttle response: Prompt and accurate response on throttle signal receiving for the euphoria from zero lag operation.


Original BLHELI_32 Firmware: Benefiting from original BLHELI_32 firmware that provides powerful and diverse functions means you're able to set, change and upgrade the ESC parameters and firmware. The up-to-date auto timing function means the ESC is far more reliable and efficient.


Here, you will be buying four ESCs. A single ESCs is also available separately.


ESC F30A 30A-32bit 2-4S (x4)

SKU: Tm30A32_4
£67.96 Regular Price
£61.78Sale Price
  • Specification

    • Firmware: BLHeli_32
    • Amperage: 30A
    • MCU: 32bit stm32f051
    • Battery size: 2-4S


    What's included:

    • 4 x ESCs with cables