FrSKY's 868Mhz long range product technology benefits from continuous development, and the Dipole T Antennas form part of it.


With antenna connectors best suited to the size of receivers, FrSKY use both IPEX1, IPEX4 and MMCX.


  • The R9 Slim and Slim Plus use two Dipole T Antennas, each with an IPEX1 connector.
  • The R9 MM and Mini use a single Dipole T Antenna with an IPEX4 connector.
  • The R9 uses two Dipole T Antennas with MMCX connectors.


You can select the antenna you need, by using the "Connector" drop-down.


FrSKY antenna replacements are for single antennas only. If you require a pair of connectors, you should order two singles.


You are buying the EU Spec version.

FrSky R9 900MHz Long Range Dipole T Antennas IPEX1 / IPEX4

  • Package includes:

    • 1 x FrSKY Dipole T Antenna (Connector type based on your selection)