This is FrSKY's brace for the FrSKY X-lite transmitter/radio, which allows you to connect a neck-strap/lanyard. The brace allows you to take your hands off the X-lite, allowing it to hang loose around your neck. You no longer need to put your X-lite down, on the ground, on grass, or anywhere else. With the brace in place, you can keep the radio close to hand and within reach. The brace comes with two pairs of gimbal ends; one long, one short. These ends also come in a choice of two colours (Silver and Red). FrSky's neck strap is included, and comes with the attachment needed to connect to other types of radio; as seen, for example, on the FrSKY X9D plus, FrSKY X7, and JUMPER T12.

The brace cannot be fitted or used, if the X-lite's rear module bay is in use. For example, if a FrSKY R9M module or an IRangeX Multi-protocol module are connected.

FrSKY's X-lite Brace, Gimbal Ends (Short & Long), & Neck Strap

  • Specifications:
    • Item: Brace for X-lite
    • Brace Colour: White (White regardless of gimbal ends colour choice)
    • Transmitter/Radio Compatibility: FrSKY X-lite
    • Gimbal Ends Colour: Silver/Silver or Red/Silver (Dependent on colour choice)

    • Allows you to keep your X-lite within reach
    • Allows you to take your hands off the radio
    • Quickly fix in place with hinge and click mechanism
    • Neck strap clasp locks the brace in place
    • External FrSKY antennas can be attached, with the brace in place
    • The On/Off switch, the MicroSD card slot and other front ports are all still accessible, with the brace in place

    • 1 x Brace White
    • 2 x Gimbal Ends - Short
    • 2 x Gimbal Ends - Long
    • 1 x Gimbal Ends Storage Box
    • 1 x Adhesive Backed Foam Padding
    • 1 x FrSKY Neck Strap & Bracket

    Some of the photographs included in this listing show a FrSKY X-lite. The item being sold does not include an X-lite transmitter/radio. The X-lite is only included to show how the brace appears when attached.

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