True-D version 3.8 is another step forward in Furious FPV's continued push for delivering an ever more incredible FPV pilot experience.


For extra comfort, the True-D v3.8 comes with balanced weight, which means your goggles will sit more comfortably with prolonged use.

The user interface (UI) has been improved to make access to those important features even easier than before. Allowing you to make quicker changes, you'll have more time available for FPV.


If you occasionally crash, you should find the quad finder feature a benefit, when it comes to finding your aircraft. Helping you home in on its location, you should find it easier and quicker to be reunited with your craft.

Furious FPV True-D TrueD Diversity Receiver Firmware v3.8 - FS Dominator/HD ver.

  • Features

    • True diversity system functionality
    • Multiple channel modes
    • New friendly UI
    • Separate modules to decrease thermal
    • Quad finder
    • Built-in low power buzzer
    • Ergonomic and robust 3 button layout
    • Smooth video switching technology
    • Band scanner
    • Channel saver
    • USB port


    • SMA Style: SMA Jack Connector / Female
    • Working Frequency: 5.8GHz
    • Input Power: 5V
    • Number of Channels: 48 Channels
    • Screen: OLED
    • Weight: 36.5g - balanced with battery for Fatshark
    • Dual Antennas: Yes
    • True Diversity: Yes
    • Compatibility With: Fatshark Dominator and HD  goggles
    • Incompatibility With: Fatshark Attitude goggles

    Package includes

    • 1 x True-D v3.8 Video Receiver module
    • 1 x 45˚ adapter
    • 1 x 90˚ adapter
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • 1 x Sealable protective storage container

    Package does not include

    • Fatshark goggles
    • Antennas


    Please note: The manufacture of this item involves an element of manual soldering, which means some deviations in solder application and patterns will occur, when comparisons are made between one item and another; this is completely normal and to be expected, and should not be a cause for concern.


    Please note: Flashing this item updates its firmware and alters its state, which changes its condition. It is also an explicit acceptance that the item was working correctly beforehand. Please proceed with care.


    Please note: The goggles, depicted in the listing photos, are not included in the sale. They are shown to help identify the goggles the True-D is designed to be used with.

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