The SpiroNet 5.8GHz LHCP Circular Polarized antennas from ImmersionRC and Fat Shark are designed for First Person View applications; this set comes with both the ground and air 5.8 GHz SprioNet antennas which are Left Handed Circular Polarization. The ImmersionRC LHCP SpiroNet 5.8 GHz antennas use the Left Handed Circular Polarized which gives a reduction in cross-channel interference when there are multiple pilots using the 5.8 GHz band. Both of the antennas comes with a high quality semi-rigid cable to allow the clearance needed over the top of the pilots head when using video goggles like the Fat Shark Dominator HD3 goggles. Both the ground and air antennas have the high quality semi-rigid cable, which can be bent to any angle and maintain its shape in any orientation. These antennas have SMA connectors which are compatible with all Fat Shark and Immersion RC 5.8 GHz products sold to date.

ImmersionRC LHCP SpiroNET Antenna (2 Antenna)

SKU: 4901012
  • Specifications:

    • Length: 33mm

    • Width: 33mm

    • Height: 70mm

    • Weight: 8g

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