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ImpulseRC need no introduction. The introduction of their Alien frame said it all, having well and truly carved their name in quadcopter history.

Now, as if the Alien was not enough, ImpulseRC have taken another hugely significant step forward with the introduction of the Reverb; a design collaboration with FINALGLIDEAUS. And, as they say in Australia, "It's a beaut".

We know this because we've taken the Reverb frame and assembled it for you.

Building the Reverb provides a real appreciation for the design and materials that have gone into creating this stunning aircraft. Everything has been fully thought through; from the beautiful carbon fibre components that sit together with ease and precision, to the well balanced thickness of carbon fibre whose rigidity instils a high level of confidence, as each piece is added.

The attention to detail is top class. This is evident right down to the parts specifically included to facilitate the following assembly manual note, "Use M3x6mm high tensile bolt and stainless M3 washer to carefully pull the insert nuts in to the carbon fiber plate from below." A seemingly small element of the whole, but it sets the tone for the rest of the build.

What is equally evident is the minimalism in the frames build. Everything that needs to be there, is there. There is nothing superfluous. But then why would there be? This frame is all about elegance and prowess, and it lacks neither. It is sleek, elegant, and a thing of beauty. Having built it, I'm left wondering whether it should be flown, or proudly shown off in a display cabinet.

So why would you not want to build it yourself? One potential answer is time. Or, more specifically, a lack thereof. Something we're perhaps all short of. We know what we want, but we sometimes struggle to get there. There's x to do first, then y, followed by z and still you never quite get to the fun stuff. But, never mind, it's on the list!

However, now, you can buy the Reverb assembled, saving you some of that precious time, but with enough of the build remaining for you to add your own finishing touches. Adding your own stamp in making the Reverb, your Reverb.

So, what's done, you ask. Everything bar the electronics, the PDB mounting and attaching the antenna tubes.

The Reverb carbon fibre frame has been fully assembled. Next, when placing your order, you have the option of customizing the frame with either a red or black PDB.

So what remains, you ask. The electronics, the PDB mounting and attaching the antenna tubes.
You choose and add the motors, the props, the FC, the ESCs, the VTx, the RX, any camera (FPV or recording), and any soldering to connect it all together. In short, the really good stuff. What's more, we sell each of these additional components. None of which, we believe, would look out of place on the Reverb. They would only compliment it.

So, wait no more. The Reverb is here, waiting for you.

And, to get it to you as quickly as possible, we will ship it to you using Royal Mail's Special Delivery before 1pm Service (Mon-Fri).


When ordering, please let us know whether you want a RED or BLACK PDB.

    ImpulseRC 5" Reverb Racing Freestyle FPV Drone - Assembled Frame

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    £79.99Sale Price
    • Specification

      • 5" Arms: Set of 4
      • 5" Arm weight: 12g
      • 5" Arm thickness: 4mm
      • PDB: 3oz of copper
      • Top carbon fibre plate thickness: 1.5mm
      • LiPo battery anti-slip pad: 4mm black
      • LiPo battery anti-slip pad weight: 2g
      • Main upper carbon fibre split plate thickness: 1.5mm
      • Main lower carbon fibre split plate thickness: 2mm
      • Stack standoffs size: M3 x 5mm
      • Stack standoffs colour: Black
      • Stack standoffs material: Rubber
      • Camera side plates: Set of 2
      • Camera side plates material: Carbon fibre
      • Camera side plates thickness: 2mm
      • Antenna tubes: Set of 2
      • Antenna tube material: Medical grade nylon-6
      • Antenna tube holders, frame mounted: Set of 2
      • Antenna tube colour: Dark grey
      • (1x) M3x6mm Cap - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • (5x) M3x10mm Cap - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • (4x) M3x12mm Cap - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • (12x) M3x6mm Button - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • (2x) M3x8mm Button - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • (2x) M3x16mm Button - High Tensile Carbon Steel - Gunmetal
      • (3x) Washer M3 - Stainless Steel
      • (4x) M2x4mm Cap - Stainless Steel
      • (8x) M3 Press Nut - Stainless Steel
      • (4x) M3x5mm Standoff - Rubber
      • (4x) M3 Lock Nut - Nylon
      • (3x) M3 30mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
      • (4x) M3 24.5mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
      • (2x) M3 14.5mm Standoff - Aluminium - Black
      • (9x) 3x10mm Cone Washer - Aluminium - Black
      • Flat file: One for adjusting tolerances
      • Round file: One for corners and enlarging holes to 3mm


      • Premium 3K plain weave matte finish carbon fibre
      • Gunmetal high-carbon high-tensile steel bolts
      • Custom machined and anodised aluminium standoffs and cone washers
      • Medical grade nylon-6 antenna tubes
      • Glass filled nylon antenna tube clamps
      • Rubber flight controller vibration mounts
      • Ultra light die cut foam battery pad
      • Simple mounting for most modern Runcam and Foxeer cameras
      • 3oz copper high current PDB with custom connectors and pigtails
      • Custom staggered XT-60 pigtail

      Package Includes (please see photos above)

      • 1 x Pre-assembled ImpulseRC Reverb frame for 5" propellers
      • 2 x Antenna tubes
      • 1 x PDB (Red or black, as selected)
      • 1 x Bag containing any spare components. For example standoffs, screws, bolts, and washers
      • 1 x Genuine XT60-plug with 14AWG Silicon wire, with power and ground wires soldered to it
      • 1 x 7 Pin JST-GH to solid core Silicon wire (For generic setup)
      • 1 x 7 Pin JST-GH to 6 Pin JST-SH x2 (For KISS FC)
      • 1 x ImpulseRC file set; containing one 3mm round file and one flat file

      Glossary of acronyms

      • PDB - Power Distribution Board
      • Hard mount - This is where the PDB is held in place by the thin piece of double-sided tape provided by ImpulseRC, which will sit between the bottom of the PDB and the top side of the Reverb's carbon fibre base plate.
      • Soft mount -This is where the PDB is held in place by a more cushioned piece of double-sided tape than the one provided by ImpulseRC. This tape will sit between the bottom of the PDB and the top side of the Reverb's carbon fibre base plate.
      • FC - The flight controller
      • ESCs - Electronic Speed Controllers
      • VTx - Video transmitter
      • Rx - Receiver
      • FPV - First Person View
      • Props - Propellers

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