Eachine's LCD5802D monitor has proven extremely popular.


Not surprisingly, once the internal battery reaches the end of its life-cycle, a replacement battery is sought.


Until now, such replacement batteries have proven elusive.


However, if you're looking for such a battery, you have found one.


This battery is a replacement for the internal Eachine LCD5802D monitor battery.


To fit the battery, the following steps are offered as a suggested guide:


  1. Move the monitor somewhere free of any liquids, to avoid spilling, splashes,
  2. Turn the monitor off, unplugging any external power sources
  3. Place the monitor upside down, with the back of the casing visible
  4. Using a suitable cross-head screwdriver, unscrew the ten (10) visible screws
  5. If you need to remove the screws by turning the monitor upside down, so they fall out, make sure you hold the front and back of the monitor securely together; to avoid the monitor separating and causing damage
  6. If it is not still in the same position, place the monitor upside down, with the back of the casing visible
  7. Loosen, a little, the nuts around the two antenna connectors
  8. Carefully lift the back of the casing away from the rest of the monitor
  9. You should find the speaker, attached to the inside of the back of the casing, is attached to the internal PCB via a red and black wire. The wires are attached to the PCB with a JST type connector. If you choose to unplug the JST connector, do so carefully, to avoid causing any damage.
  10. You will see the internal battery to the side of the PCB; most likely the battery will be coloured blue.
  11. The battery is connected to the PCB with three wires, attached to a larger JST style connector. Carefully, so as to avoid causing any damage, unplug the connector from the PCB.
  12. The battery is likely to be stuck to the monitor casing with glue. Preferably using something blunt, you will need to tease the battery away from the casing. It is important to avoid piercing, bending or splitting the battery.
  13. In the casing, replace the original battery with the new battery. It is preferable to attach the new battery to the casing, to prevent it from moving around.
  14. Plug the new battery's JST plug in to the correct JST connector on the PCB
  15. If you disconnected the speaker JST plug, reconnect it
  16. Put the back of the casing back in place on the monitor
  17. Screw the ten (10) screws back in place
  18. Tighten the two antenna nuts
  19. Discard the original battery responsibly


To get it to you as quickly as possible, the item is shipped, free of charge, using Royal Mail's 1st class signed for service.

LCD5802D Monitor Battery Replacement

SKU: lcd5802d-battery
  • Specification:

    • Nominal voltage = 7.4V
    • No. of cells = 2
    • Battery type = LiPo
    • Length = ~91.5mm
    • Width = ~35mm
    • Depth = ~9.5mm
    • Branded = No
    • Battery lasts = Up to 3 hours
    • Charging time = ~3 hours
    • Replacement for = Eachine LCD5802D monitor internal battery
    • Connector attached = Yes


    Package includes:

    1 x Replacement 7.4V 2S LiPo Battery