This is the REPTILE MartianIII 220mm Quadcopter Frame.


If this is going to be one of your first builds, this could be the right frame for you.


After your first build, it is common to look to your next. With the experience of your first build to hand, this frame offers a little more challenge. Offering the benefits of increased agility and speed comes the challenge of working with less space in which to place your stack and other electrical components.


The increased agility and speed takes more handling and better piloting skills; all of which you'll learn, the more you fly.

REPTILE MartianIII 220mm Quadcopter Frame

SKU: martian3X
  • Specification:
    - Body Roof 1.5mm
    - Baseplate: 2mm
    - Arm: 3.5mm
    - Wheelbase: 250mm
    - Material: Carbon fiber frame
    - Weight: ~138g
    - Support CC3D NAEZ32 F3 flight controller


    Recommended configuration:
    - Support motor: 2204 2205 2206
    - ESC: 20A
    - Propeller: 5inch
    - Thicker copper clad,with XT60 male plug
    - Support camera: 1177 / Runcam


    Package includes:

    - 1 x Quadcopter frame, with screws, struts, nylon stacking nuts and foam landing pads

    - 1 x Power distribution board

    - 1 x XT60 male plug

    - 1 x Build instructions