Designed to work with Matek Systems F722-STD FC flight controller, the FCHUB-6S is a neatly combined PDB and BEC in one.


The PDB supports up to 6S Li-Po battery input, and features a 184A current sensor, along with both a 5V and 10V BEC; outputting 2A max.


Matek Systems are market leaders in this category and this power distribution board is evidence of that.


The F722-STD FC can be found clicking here.

Matek Systems FCHUB-6S

  • Key Features

    • 9-27V (3-6S Lipo) Input
    • Supports a continuous current of 184A
    • TVS diode for over voltage protection
    • 184A Current Sensor
    • 5V BEC at 2A
    • 10V BEC at 2A
    • Stacks with the F405-OSD flight controller
    • Includes nylon standoffs


    Package includes:

    1x FCHUB-6S

    4x M3x12

    4x M3x6+6

    8x M3 nuts