Your RC radio is a vital piece of kit.


No radio equals no RC, which equals no fun!!! :(


Attach ProGripTX to your radio and... well... keep a grip.


Sweaty moist hands can be a problem and they are the last thing you need; especially when you're in the middle of a race, or flying at 80mph, millimetres from a tree. A slip at the wrong time and it could be game over.


ProGripTX is designed to help you keep a grip.


Using silicon carbide, ProGripTX will stick to your radio, to help you stick to it.

ProGripTX - for the FrSKY X9D/X9D Plus

  • Specification

    • Silicon carbide based grip tape
    • Paper covered adhesive backing; peel to seal
    • Available in various colours from which to choose



    • Side and back pieces, where you need them most
    • Grip for both left and right hand sides, along with the back of the radio
    • Strong adhesive, applied to a clean surface, helps ensure good grip
    • Hand-crafted, for that personal touch
    • Shaped to suit each specific radio design


    Package includes - FrSky Taranis X9D/X9D Plus

    • 2 x Front side; one left and right
    • 2 x Rear side; one left and right
    • 2 x Rear pieces