You've got your ev100 goggles, your Windows computer and a flight simulator; all you need now is to connect them together. For that, you need seePC.


With the increasing interest concerning flight simulators, especially for drones, many pilots are finding another use for their ev100 FPV goggles. By connecting your ev100 goggles to your Windows computer, you too can immerse yourself in the extended world of FPV.


seePC provides you with the parts required to see it happen.



  • A pair of Eachine ev100 goggles and battery
  • A PC running Windows 10
  • A USB charger or PC USB socket

seePC - for the Eachine EV100 Goggles

SKU: seePC
  • Specification

    • The hub of this kit is the HDMI2AV converter the remainder of the kit is built around
    • USB cables and modules will be either black or white; although we will try to match colours, in other cables, a mix of black and white may be sold together
    • The Internet contains stories of people struggling to source components and get them to work together. seePC has been created to overcome those issues.
    • Proven to work together, seePC addresses the issues experienced by others, to avoid disappointment.
    • The seePC components have all been tested and proven to work.



    • Hone your flying skills, with your ev100 goggles, using flight simulators
    • Continue flying, even when the weather outside prevents it


    Package includes

    • 1 x HDMI2AV converter
    • 1 x USB-A to USB Mini5B cable
    • 1 x RCA to 3.5mm Jack cable
    • 1 x HDMI to HDMI cable