T-Motor are recognised as a world leading motor company, highly regarded and well respected. That is evident in their new F40 Pro II series of motors.


Tuned to perform, they don't disappoint.


Designed for racing, these motors are definetly no slouch, and won't hang around.


  • Ultralight design with only 29.5g
  • Champion's choice for racing
  • KV2600 with high torque is extremely explosive & efficient
  • Max Thrust: 1.65kg


To aid cooling, the motors have been designed with an open bottom. Motor shields are available separately, for pilots who need or prefer them.


Here, you will be buying a single motor. A set of four motors is also available separately.

Note: Each motor can be configured to be CW or CCW, simply by swapping two of the three wires.

T-Motor F40 Pro II KV2600 Brushless Motor (x1) - Adamantium Grey

SKU: F40P22600grey
  • Specification

    • KV: 2600
    • Weight: 29.5g including cables
    • Max. thrust: 1.65 KG
    • Running temperature: 240°C High temperature resitant silver winding
    • Shaft material: Titanium alloy steel
    • Shaft security: Screw
    • Bearings: Customized EZO
    • Prop. stability: Antislip design
    • Colour: Adamantium Grey


    What's included:

    • 1 x Motor with cables
    • 1 x Set of screw
    • 1 x Nut
    • 2 x Stickers
    • 1 x QC certificate

    All of the items listed above come well protected and packaged within a T-Motor resealable container.