T-Motor are recognised as a world leading motor company, highly regarded and well respected. That is evident in their new F40/60 Pro II series motors.


To aid cooling, these motors have been designed with an open bottom. For those who need or prefer them, these motor shields cover the bottom of the motors, offering protection from detritus and collisions.


NB One of the photographs shows a motor shield seated under a motor. This is for illustration purposes only. Only the motor shields form the item being sold; nothing else is included.

T-Motor Motor Shields For F40/60 Pro II V2 Motors - Reactor Red (x4)

SKU: tmshields4
  • Specification

    • Manufacturer: T-Motors
    • Fit motors: F40 & F60 Pro II
    • Weight: 0.099g each
    • Shaft material: Titanium alloy steel
    • Colour: Reactor red


    What's included:

    • 4 x Motor shields