Team Blacksheep (TBS) are renowned, within the RC world, for their innovative and high quality products. When you buy their products, you're buying into the strength, durability and quality that delivers time and again. It is for this reason that seasoned and champion racers, freestylers and long-range pilots are loyal to the brand. They want quality they can rely on.


This is the TBS Unify Pro 5G8 Nano video transmitter, sporting a u.FL connected antenna.

What TBS have done it again with the world's smallest FPV video transmitter with 25mW / 50mW power levels, Smart Audio and u.FL.


Size matters

As builds become smaller and the innovation surrounding brushed and brushless micro quads accelerates, the need for a high-quality VTx increases. TBS has built the smallest VTx possible, focusing purely on size! Sporting the usual Unify Pro pedigree, a newly-revised u.FL connector and the industry-standard Smart Audio support. You will be blown away with the performance in terms of range, signal clarity and signal spacing that this little beauty offers.


SmartAudio V2 - Full control

SmartAudio technology provides UART and I2C control for your entire video transmitter. Parameters such as output power, bands, channels and frequency can be freely controlled. This enables remote channel control directly from a smart device (TBS Crossfire, external bluetooth or wifi module required), from your radio (TBS Crossfire with TBS Tango or OpenTX compatible remote required), or from the OSD (e.g. TBS CORE PRO). With all these options available, you ought to find something that fits your bill. Together with CleanSwitch, the sky is the limit ... jump between channels without interfering fellow pilots in air, create backup-/emergency-frequencies, global VTx power adjustments by race organizers or other clever systems aimed at streamlining and improving race management are now a possibility!


CleanSwitch - Neighbour friendly

CleanSwitch is a technology developed at TBS that will ensure your video transmitter is interference-free while powering on, or while changing channels. All current video transmitters swipe across the entire band while being powered on, often resulting in flickering and heavy interference to anyone in the air, regardless of video channel chosen. TBS CleanSwitch will allow you to power on and change channels while your buddies are in the air, without any external interference. CleanSwitch is race friendly, and pilot friendly ... that's how we like it.

Team BlackSheep TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 Nano

SKU: TBSunifyProNano
  • Specifications

    • Input voltage: 4.5V - 5V
    • Power levels: 25mW / 50mW
    • Interface: SmartAudio and capacitive button (or solder external tactile button separately - included!)
    • Weight: 1.4g (incl. antenna)
    • Antenna connector: u.FL (upgraded)
    • Antenna length: 45.6mm (end to end)
    • TBS technology: Smart Audio and Clean Switch
    • Size: 13.2 x 14.6 (mm)


    Package includes

    • TBS UNIFY 5G8 (5.8Ghz) Video transmitter Nano
    • Button switch
    • TBS Unify Pro 5G8 Linear Antenna
    • 6x 30awg silicone connection wires (2 black, 2 red, 1 white, 1 yellow)


    The £1 coin, seen within a number of this listing's photos, is not included with the item being sold; its presence is purely as a size comparison with the tiny nano VTX.


    Please note: TBS include a setup card, which we recommend you read. We also recommend you test the VTX, before making any changes.
    Please note: Flashing this item updates its firmware and alters its state, which changes its condition. It is also an explicit acceptance that the item was working correctly beforehand. Please proceed with care.